To save him from floods, a man carries his dog on his back.

To save him from floods, a man carries his dog on his back.

The amazing work of a Thai man named Theerachot Homjom has inspired a wide range of positive feelings in people all over the world. Because of the severe floods brought on by Tropical Storm Sinlaku, he decided to ride on his back while transporting his favorite dog.

The Kuang River overflowed due to the rains, flooding the man’s home in the province of Chiang Rai.

People had no choice but to flee to higher ground. Some were trying to protect their belongings, but Theerachot’s dog was far more important.


The man is a soldier who has spent the last two weeks helping flood victims in 44 Thai regions, making him a hero in the process.

According to Metro, Theerachot said:

“Flooding can ruin my house, but not this adorable puppy,” the owner said.

The dog was afraid of what was happening, but his adoptive father decided to reassure him. Many individuals fail to give their four-legged children with the care they need, which causes pets to be abandoned in the face of difficulty. Theerachot did this.

The wonderful rescue operation was captured in a YouTube video, which was then uploaded, and the positive comments flowed in fast.

The Chiang Rai Times reports that at least two people were killed and hundreds of dwellings were devastated by the floodwaters.


In addition to giving aid supplies, troops had to utilize boats to rescue villagers in rural regions where the water had reached people’s waists. Loei was among the places most in need of assistance.

A victim of the situation, Rattiya Panich, said:

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“My family was unable to gather anything as the flood came quickly.”

It’s terrible what occurred, but it’s also fantastic to highlight the efforts of the soldiers, in this case Theerachot, who decided that saving his dog’s life was more essential than helping others who were affected.

CREDITS: YouTube: Chiang Rai Times

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