Two lion cubs were abandoned by their mother, and a German shepherd raised them.

Two lion cubs were abandoned by their mother, and a German shepherd raised them.

After their mother rejected them, Sandra, a wonderful German shepherd dog, adopted two adorable lion cubs. Sirona, a new mother, gave birth to the kittens, but the workers at the White Lion Park in Vladivostok became worried when they saw that the lioness was not properly tending to her two cubs and was unhappy with them.

Although the staff describe the animal as solitary and quiet, her two young plainly suffered from starvation and dehydration while in their care. The staff made the decision to turn the kids over to Sandra in order to avert a possibly tragic circumstance.


Viktor Agafonov, the wildlife park’s director, noted Sirona’s peculiar behavior and how it appeared to strike out at them.

To the Daily Mail, Viktor said:

“The mother lion is acting in an unusual manner. She nips at them. A puppy appears to even have a little wound. This is really unexpected.

Sandra, on the other hand, immediately took the two young children into her family and had no problem doing so. Sandra was happy to step in as an adoptive mother and grow her family despite her usual detest of cats.

Although the adorable dog had given birth to a little puppy, she continued to care for the other two puppies.

As Viktor said:

“Even though this dog dislikes cats, she chose to welcome the tiny African lions into her home. A lion cub is smaller than the infant she gave birth to. However, because she has already breastfed eight puppies, the dog has enough milk.

The 8-year-old adoptive mother was praised by the park’s director for her dedication and willingness to embrace the infants.

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The guy said that Sandra’s milk is safe for lions since it has all the nutrients needed for optimum growth.


Although it is still too early to say whether or not things will turn out well in the future, caregivers are pleased by the progress they have witnessed. They also maintain their optimism that the sweet-hearted dog will continue to be a good adoptive mother for abandoned puppies.

Sandra’s choice to take care of the puppies and other animals is obviously not something you see very frequently.

As Viktor said:

When they’re wild animals, it’s even more unusual when one species of animal gives birth to another’s young.

It looks that the amiable dog is doing a fantastic job with the infants, and it is predicted that their relationship will remain for a very long time.

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