Two seagulls named Graeme and Steve gain Twitter fame after continuing to appear on the London traffic camera.

Two seagulls named Graeme and Steve gain Twitter fame after continuing to appear on the London traffic camera.

This week, two seagulls gained internet fame for livening up dreary traffic reports. After two “reporters” appeared on one of the traffic cameras, the Transport for London (TfL) Twitter account that alerts Londoners to traffic issues (or yet another Central line stoppage) saw a significant spike in their readership. The two have taken over the Transport for London Twitter feed, and users of the well-liked social networking site can’t get enough of them. Many Twitter users saw this as the ideal occasion to utilize bird-related puns like “fowl traffic” and “beak cautious drivers,” and others even speculated that one of the birds would end up as the city’s mayor in the future. The bird pair that can often be seen strolling about Poplar’s Blackwall Tunnel in East London has become so well-known that they have their own Twitter account.

The bird was being teased for having an attitude, it was said. A star was created after the seagull-themed tweet received more than 15,000 likes in a short period of time.


Transport for London posted a picture of the bird along with the caption, “Guess who’s back?!” There have never been so many likes or retweets on a TfL account tweet.

The bird reappeared later that day “by popular demand” and looked to be speaking to the camera.

It’s safe to assume that the seagull really upped its game based on the more than 600,000 views the video has received on TfL’s Twitter account. One Twitter user asked, “Is he telling folks not to take any left turns?” while another referred to the news as a “Gull-ivers travel update.” Twitter consistently delivers when it comes to puns.

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According to a tweet from Traffic for London, “Our cameras typically provide us a bird’s eye view of traffic around London, but we’d like to thank our new colleagues Graeme and Steve for helping out during beak times.”

The “favorite” traffic reporter frequents the same location numerous times a day since he (or she?) appears to truly like being on camera.

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