Until help arrives, a faithful dog spends hours at the side of a lost girl.

Until help arrives, a faithful dog spends hours at the side of a lost girl.

Remy Elliott, a 3-year-old child who had disappeared from her family’s home in Qulin, Missouri, was being sought after by rescuers. They didn’t know at the time that the child was never alone, even while they were apart.

She had a trustworthy ally by her side.


Remy’s mother, Timber Merritt, was horrified to find that her daughter had left the house at 8 o’clock on Thursday. Merritt asked for help after her initial search for the child brought up no leads. Soon after, 100 volunteers and local officials went in search of Remy.

It took 12 hours for Remy to be found safe, curled up in the middle of a cornfield, the next morning.

The girl was being cuddled by the family’s Yorkshire terrier, Fat Heath. He had ensured Remy’s safety during the protracted, dark night.


Naturally, Remy’s mother was relieved. Even though Merritt was in a terrible situation, her child handled the situation better than anybody could have anticipated because to her dog.

Because Fat Heath was present, she claimed not to be terrified, Merritt told KFVS. If he hadn’t been, “I think she would have been terrified.”

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