When a lion and a white tiger fall in love, they both flee the zoo together.

When a lion and a white tiger fall in love, they both flee the zoo together.

Zabu had genetic issues as a result of breeding, whereas Cameron was 200 pounds underweight at the time. Thankfully, a few years later, they both made a full recovery.

When Zabu and Cameron were saved, “we erected a spacious natural enclosure for them to share as they are highly bonded as a couple.”


After being saved, they were transferred to a different shelter and kept together.

After some time, though, Cameron was rather possessive of Zabu, endangering his guardians.

In order to be with his true love again, they chose to neuter him, which resulted in the loss of his lovely mane.

The two like being together and enjoy playing together, cuddling, and taking peaceful naps.


You can see these moments on the video

Credit: You Tube


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