When he sees his father, the shelter’s loudest dog abruptly stops barking.

When he sees his father, the shelter’s loudest dog abruptly stops barking.

Goose has had a powerful, howling bark for as long as Adopt An ANGEL staff members can remember.

The Dodo quoted Adopt An ANGEL director Jill Jones as saying, “He’s got a hound bark that could definitely win contests.”

Jones claims that Goose’s barks reflect his emotions. Jones remarked, “He cries when he feels worried and abandoned.” “If he is silent, he is pleased,” the person said.

But by the third time he worked at the rescue, Goose’s life had become more depressing than joyful.


When the shelter took Goose in for the first time as an injured puppy, he howled after being separated from his mom. And when his first adoptive family brought him back as an adult, staff assumed that he was crying out for them.

Soon after, a young couple adopted Goose again, but their union came to an untimely end. One of Goose’s parents gave him back to the shelter when the pair parted ways without informing the other.

Jones stated, “[His dad] relocated to Florida and didn’t know Goose was here with us in North Carolina. “Even we were unaware that he was there.”

The third time, Goose’s cries at the shelter were considerably louder.

Here is where you may hear them:

Staff members knew that he needed a family he could stay with forever, so they featured Goose in an adoption fair soon after.

“One of [Goose’s dad]’s best friends happened to come into the adoption fair,” Jones said.

The man stumbled across Goose, who’d been missing an ear since he was a puppy, and immediately recognized him.

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“He was like, ‘Oh my God! Goose, what are you doing here?’ and just started texting [Goose’s dad],” Jones said.

Goose’s father was astounded to learn that his dog was once more at a shelter. Even though he was unable to take Goose in personally, he was adamant about bringing the devoted dog into his home.

Let me sort this out so I can get Goose out of the shelter and bring him back, he was saying, Jones recalled.

Goose’s father went from Florida to North Carolina to find his long-lost puppy less than four days later.


When the time came to see him again, Goose, who is usually the loudest dog at the shelter, went completely quiet.

“It was like he was saying, ‘I know that my people are here, so there’s no need to scream,’” Jones said. “‘I was only screaming for my people.’”

He didn’t make a sound, but staff members could tell by his excited jumps that Goose was happy to see his dad again.

You can watch the emotional reunion here:

After their reunion, Goose and his dad set off on their first road trip together to Florida. Goose’s grandpa offered to give the pup a permanent home, and that’s where he’s been ever since.

Jones claims that Goose is flourishing in Florida, where he spends his days playing with his canine cousins and running around his new fenced-in yard. Jones is glad to learn that Goose no longer has a cause to grieve, even though she misses him.

Jones declared, “He’s at last back with his humans.”

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