With the same uncommon eye condition and cleft lip, a child and a rescued cat become inseparable.

With the same uncommon eye condition and cleft lip, a child and a rescued cat become inseparable.

Madden, a 7-year-old from Oklahoma, was born with heterochromia (differing colored eyes) and a cleft lip and palate, and other students at his school thought it would be funny to make fun of him for his peculiar appearance. Fortunately, he came up with a plan of action for handling those people.

Cathy Humphreys stated:

“Last week, one of our fellow “cleft parents” in our group posted a photo of the kitten. This cat was adopted by a rescue group in Minnesota. We knew immediately that this cat had to join our family. He shares the same cleft lip as our son Madden, age 7, and likewise has full iridium heterochromia. They were meant to be best friends. Amazingly, having a pet can help you feel less lonely.

For Madden, the discovery of Moon (as the cat was known) is practically a miracle.



Christina remarked,

The coexistence of at least two colors on the iris is known as “iridium heterochromia. Total iridium heterochromia, in which the eyes are entirely different colors, is reportedly quite uncommon, affecting less than 1% of the general population. This is highly unique, along with the cleft lips.

Madden’s mother claimed that Madden’s friends gave kindly assisted them in covering the cost of a road trip from Oklahoma to Minnesota so they could adopt that gorgeous cat.

Christina remarked,

“Normally, we don’t act impulsively, but we couldn’t help but admire this cat. Madden, Moon, the kitten, and they make the perfect team. In a culture where bullies and critical words abound, we will decide to seek love.

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Even though Madden is just seven years old, he has experienced a lot. He’s already had six surgeries.

Christina is ecstatic with how they found Moon.

I’m grateful that Madden has Moon. I’m hoping Moon will show Madden that having unique abilities from birth is wonderful and that he is extraordinary in many ways than just the fact that he and the cat have an empathic partner. These two dashing males are really lovely.

They become attached when a cat and a youngster are being treated for the same illness.
Madden gained notoriety for this touching anti-bullying film praising their uniqueness after suffering abuse on the school bus. Now that he has a gorgeous four-legged friend, he may be reminded of how special he is because of their differences.


During the clip, Madden said:

Never disparage those who are different from you. We’ve already experienced a great deal of adversity. Everyone need to be treated with kindness! If you treat them like “bullies,” you’re losing out on a lot of amazing people. Show compassion to people who are mistreating you. Because those who are most vulnerable need our love the most.

Madden’s mother said that at the time, the bullying “broke her soul,” but she thinks Moon will boost her son’s self-confidence.

Christina remarked,

“We are flawed, just like everyone else, but we constantly try to be kind to other people. Being kind is the last thing we want to do when things are difficult. I only want Madden and our other two kids to develop into kind people with a good mindset.

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